YOUR Photos & Videos

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the UKEDC, we would like to capture the past 15/16 years of same-sex / equality dancing (social and competitive) in a photo and video montage which will have its premiere at this special occasion of the UKEDC Anniversary Ball on 24th September 2022 in London.

We would like to welcome all UK members / dancers to submit photos and very short video clips of themselves, showing special moments in their dancing. We cannot guarantee to use all images / footage but hope to get in as much as possible! We also hope to be able to share the final product on the UKEDC website and Facebook page, so all submissions should be with permission to use them online (unless you tell us specifically otherwise).

Please provide information in the title of your file as to dates / event / names.

Regarding any other interesting information please email us. Early (c. 2006-2012) photos and clips are a priority)

Upload here:

Thank you and let’s dance!