Standard membership: General


Renewal due 1st April each year

This is for any individuals interested in participating in or supporting equality dance competitions, and gives access to the following fantastic benefits:

  • Connecting with a network of fellow competitors for tips and advice
  • News and updates on competitions
  • Competitions entry discounts
  • 10% Discount* with George TZ
  • 10% Discount with DSI London
  • 15% Discount with International Dance Shoes
  • 15% Discount with Ray Rose
  • 15% Discount with Supadance
  • Members Price at Cactus Club
  • Information on any issues affecting Equality Dancing

Please use your paypal receipt as confirmation of your membership. This can be used as proof of membership for obtaining the discounts from our affiliates, as well as for competition entry etc.  For new memberships, you will receive separate confirmation by email.

If you encounter any problems with proof of membership, please contact the

Automatically renews each year
Affiliate membership: Dance schools, dance events or dance shops


Renewal due 1st April each year

This is for dance teachers or dance schools who would like to welcome equality dance couples to their lessons or practice sessions. The benefits are as follows:

  • Opportunity to advertise any relevant classes or competition practice nights to our membership
  • A link on our page to your website and contact details
  • News and updates on all competitions

Automatically renews each year

NB: You must be a full member at least 2 weeks prior to our AGM in order to be able to vote on any issues at this meeting.