United Kingdom Equality Dance Council arrives…

On Sunday 16th February 2020 at the Annual General Meeting of the UKSSDC held at Bishopsgate Ballroom, London it was agreed by majority (more than two thirds of quorum under the constitution) to change our organisation name to the United Kingdom Equality Dance Council. 

We’re updating the name of the organisation to help maintain its relevance to the members it serves and represents, without forgetting its history, but to help pave an even more welcoming name to those who would identify with our culture and ethos regarding partner dancing.

We feel that removing the wording of ‘Same Sex’ and replacing with ‘Equality’ helps to alleviate any negative connotations surrounding the usage of the word Sex, especially when we have members who would not identify to this wording. We want to make all members feel welcome and that they have a place and that they shouldn’t fit in to any particular box.

This change is of immediate effect, however, it will take us time to amend our current branding and renaming our public domains. Please bear with us as we action these changes over the coming weeks. All existing contact details remain the same for now.

We are excited to be starting on a new journey together and look forward to working with you all under our new banner. 

On behalf of:
UKEDC Committee