UKEDC Statement on Blackpool Dance Festival

UKEDC’s mission is to support, encourage and grow equality dancing, and work towards a climate in dancing where people can express themselves regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnic origin, religion, marital status, age,
nationality, language or disability.

We have written to the organisers of the Blackpool Dance Festival about widely reported comments made during a lecture at the recent festival. Excerpts of the lecture can be viewed here (UKEDC are not responsible for external content).

We have been contacted by dancers from around the world, and we share their concerns about the comments and the detrimental impact they can have on the dance community.
We have asked the organisers to investigate whether any breaches of their policies have occurred, and to consider what actions they will take to reassure all dancers that the festival is a welcoming and safe place for all, regardless of their background or who they choose to dance with.

We are also contacting relevant dance sport governing bodies, asking them to investigate whether any of their policies have been breached.