Eurogames 2020 press release: 01/02/2020

Joint press release by EuroGames 2020, ESSDA and DVET Feb 1,2020

Stronger together:
EuroGames 2020, ESSDA und DVET align for Dancing in 2020
Equality Dance Sport has been an integral part of EuroGames and Gay Games for many years. The competitions are always characterized by a high quality and attractiveness for the spectators. To guarantee this for the participants, a high level of experience in the organisation of such competitions is required. The EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf stand in this tradition and are determined to organize a fantastic dance competition for all participants. TSC conTAKT is contributing its many years of experience in organising competitions, including the German Championships 2015. In addition, a fantastic and proven dance location has been found in the Boston Club.

In order to incorporate the entire experience of the European equality scene, contacts were sought with DVET (German Association for Equality Dance Sports) and ESSDA (European Same‐ Sex Dancing Association). From the beginning it was clear that there was a will to work together to ensure that dancing at the EuroGames 2020 would be superb. In close consultation, a joint agreement has now been reached. This is to be a trend‐setter for the future and bring the various associations closer together again. In the end, everyone is only interested in one thing: dancing.

Therefore, we are happy and proud to announce the following details for the EuroGames 2020:

– The host of the dance sport competitions at the EuroGames 2020 will be TSC conTAKT Düsseldorf e.V.
– ESSDA and DVET will be official partners of the EuroGames 2020
– the venue for the competitions will be the Boston Club in Düsseldorf
– the competitions will take place from Wednesday (5.8.) to Friday (7.8.).
– the actual competition program can be found on the homepage
– the EuroGames 2020 will also be the 7th European Championship of the ESSDA
– you can also get more details on the website

Regarding the above, we are looking forward to bringing together this broad expertise and thus certainly to an outstanding dance competition at the EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf.