Grants & Scholarships

The UKEDC is delighted to announce the launch of its new grants and scholarships scheme to support individuals and events within the equality dance community. These are open to both members and non-members of the UKEDC.

UKEDC Dance Scholarships

The UKEDC is offering two scholarships of £250 each to individuals who intend to compete in equality dance events.  The current deadline for applications is 23 April 2023.

UKEDC Scholarship Process

UKEDC Scholarship Application

Please read these documents carefully as they set out the eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions for the scholarships.

The applications will be reviewed by the UKEDC Scholarship Panel:

• Tessa Cleaver (UKEDC Secretary, Chair of scholarship panel)

• Jo Hunt (UKEDC Communications)

• Mariusz Stankiewicz (UKEDC Committee Member)

The final awards will be made at our committee meeting following the AGM.

UKEDC Community Grants

As well as the individual scholarships, the UKEDC is providing two grants of £250 each to support events and projects that help promote equality dancing.  These can be applied for at any time, but ideally at least 90 days before the event is to be held. We will do our best to consider applications made with shorter notice, but we cannot guarantee that we will do so.  

UKEDC Grant Application

If you have any questions about either the grants or the scholarships, please contact



The aim of the UKEDC awards is to:

Allow the equality dance community to acknowledge and thank people for their contribution to that community.

Emphasize that UKEDC members are central to the direction of the UKEDC and should be actively involved in its work.

Provide another channel for members to express their views as to what they see and value.

Support the aims of the UKEDC’s strategy.

Align with the UKEDC’s constitutional objectives to “provide a forum for communication, support, coordination and development for our members and other people and organisations interested in equality dancing” and “ bring visibility and prominence to UK competitors, adjudicators and organisers to afford us the authority and credibility which we deserve”.

Awards 2023

To be presented at the UKEDC Ball at the Rivoli Ballroom on the 23rd September.

There are three categories for nominations:

The UKEDC inclusion award

The UKEDC community development award

The UKEDC champion award

The criteria for each award can be found here (opens as a downloadable document)

Nominations for awards can be made here (opens in new page)

A panel of UKEDC members chaired by Committee member, Lori Pearce-Altendorff, will prepare a shortlist of nominations. The process the panel will follow plus an indicative timeline for nominations, shortlisting and voting can be found here (opens as a downloadble document)


Certificate of Honorary Membership awarded to:

  • Jacky Logan
  • Vernon Kemp
  • Ralf Schiller
  • Bishopsgate Institute

Contribution to Equality Dancing:

  • Peter Meager
  • Norma Daykin
  • George Tzoulas